AIESEC SFAX – Around the world in 2 Hours

aiesec sfax
Around the world in 2 hours, the title itself tells the whole story… This event is based on living with different people from all walks of life in peace as well as exchanging cultures and exploring new habits. During this event, there will be, in addition to participants of both “educate me” and “in love with Sfax” projects, a range of young people that will work together to explore ten corners of this big world and transform them into a small little village. These groups of youth will be divided into smaller ones in order to have each participant from the same country with one of them; they will try to get the necessary information to represent the trainee’s country. After exploring each country; every participant will reveal the secrets and wonders of the country he went to (hypothetically) , by displaying some of its habits such as food , traditional costumes , dances and of course the flag and the national anthem. This event will highlight one of our AIESEC values which is “living diversity” that will ensure the cross-cultural and educational sides of our projects. It will take place in “complex Jammoussi”, on Saturday the 15th of February at 2p.m. be there!
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