Hello Tunisia in Munich!

Hello Tunisia germany Munich

Germany saying “Hello TUNISIA”!

“Hello TUNISIA” was invited by the Forum Team 2012 to the prestigious TAG forum, which takes place annually in Munich. The TAG (Tunesische Akademiker Gesellschaft e.V. or the Association of Tunisian Academicians) organized this year’s the forum on June 30th under the theme “Committed to Change: New Perspectives for Tunisians abroad.” Notorious guests took part in conferences and round tables on topical issues. We cite as examples the participation of Mr. Alaya Bettaieb (Secretary of State in charge of international cooperation and investment), Mr. Moncef Cheikhrouhou (professor of managerial economics and international finance at HEC Paris and member of the the National Constituent Assembly), Mr. Hashemi Dimassi (Deputy CEO of STEG), Mr. Thorsten Marquardt (Director Public Affairs of the Desertec Industrial Initiative, Dii GmbH), Dr. Walter Englert (Vice President, Head of energy department, African-German companies Association) and Prof. Abderrazak Zouari (chairman and CEO of UBCI bank, former minister of regional development and member of the bord of directors of the tunisian central bank.).

The TAG reserved to “Hello TUNISIA” a booth that have beautifully presented Tunisia and accentuated the Tunisian touch of the forum. The booth included among other things a photographic exhibition and a video screen projecting the “Hello TUNISIA” creations. 2500 brochures presenting Tunisia and 5000 postcards were prepared for the event, some of which have been distributed for free at the forum and the rest have been distributed into German homes mailboxes with the help of the Tunisians living in Germany. This operation is the largest operation undertaken by the “Hello TUNISIA” team since the founding of the concept. Valuable assistance of the TAG team was provided to “Hello TUNISIA” and we thank them for this opportunity. Except the TAG team help, the project was self-funded like all of our previous actions.

La TAG réservait à “Hello TUNISIA” un stand qui a permis de présenter au mieux la Tunisie et d’accentuer la touche tunisienne du forum. Le stand comportait entre autre une exposition photographique et un écran projetant les vidéos “Hello TUNISIA”. 2500 dépliants présentant la Tunisie ainsi que 5000 cartes postales ont été préparés pour l’occasion dont une partie a été distribuée gratuitement pendant le forum et le reste a été distribué dans les boites à lettres des foyers allemands avec l’aide des tunisiens résidents en Allemagne. Cette opération est la plus grande opération entreprise par l’équipe “Hello TUNISIA” depuis la création du concept. Une aide précieuse de l’équipe TAG a été fournie à “Hello TUNISIA” et nous tenons à les remercier pour cette occasion. Exceptée l’aide de l’équipe TAG, le projet a été autofinancé comme la totalité de nos actions précédentes.


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