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Where Is Tunisia

Tunisia is getting unprecedented attention from the whole world after the revolution that sparked the Arab spring. One year ago, this tiny Mediterranean touristic heaven ousted its dictator and unleashed a wave of revolt in the region. Whether you were looking for information or pictures from Tunisia or just a curious person wondering where is Tunisia, you are in the right place! …

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A “Hello TUNISIA” photography exhibition was held in TEDxENSI on January the 15th, 2012 in la Manouba Campus. 100 participants were invited to attend conferences by spécial guest speakers. The theme of the event was « Reshaping society ». More about TEDxENSI on: http://www.tedxensi.com/


Hello TUNISIA is invited to TEDxENSI

‎Hello TUNISIA is invited to TEDxENSI January, 15th, 2012, in la Manouba Campus. A photography exhibition will be there for the participants. Subscribe tomorrow on the TEDxENSI website. There are only 100 seats! http://www.tedxensi.com/speakers/ For more information, follow the link http://www.facebook.com/TEDxENSI www.tedxensi.com

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Hello Kebili

The Sahara Series albums continue on “Hello TUNISIA”. Hello TUNISIA team proudly share with you “Hello KEBILI” album.


Sahara albums series

Hello TUNISIA team shared Hello TOZEUR album, the first one of the Sahara series. http://hellotunisia.com/albums/tozeur/


Hello Tunisia participates on “Esmâani Event”

    Because “Hello TUNISIA” encourages associations charity work, “Hello TUNISIA” is participating in this year’s cultural event organized by “Esmâani” which is responsible for assisting patients in hospitals. The event lasts from November 4 until the 13. For more information follow the links: Esmâani event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=224496564273213 Esmâani facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Esmâani-اسمعني/70027960445


« Hello TUNISIA »’s official website launch

    Welcome to our official website. « Hello TUNISIA » project began in April 2011 with a facebook fan page. The encouraging feedback of the fans pushed us to create a website. « Hello TUNISIA » team travels through the country to take pictures and make videos that we share with the whole world. With « Hello TUNISIA », you can discover the places and …