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El Feija park

El Feija national park is located in north-western Tunisia, west of Jendouba and only a few kilometers away from the Algerian border.

The park covers an area of 2.632 Ha and reaches a peak of 1150 m. It was created in 1990 in order to preserve the mountains’ ecosystem that is characteristic of Khoumire.
El Feija park represents a dense forest, mainly including zeen oak and cork oak, associated to arbutus and myrtle. It is irrigated by about twenty water springs.
El Feija’s landscape is made of a moderately high cork oak forest giving way to a zeen oak forest which dominates the top of the mountain. Water flows abundantly on a soil that is often entirely covered in oak leaves. It leads to a small waterfall created by an uneven ground.
The main purpose associated with the creation of El Feija Park was to protect an endangered North African endemic mammal: The Barbary stag. A 417 ha enclosure was set up in order to maintain this species.
The park holds a number of other mammal species, birds and reptiles. An ecomuseum located at the entrance exhibits the scientific carateristics of the natural environment of El Feija and its components.

  • El Feija national park
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