Tounseyya Digordeya

Tounseyya Digordeya, qui est-ce ?

Tounseyya Digordeya

Who’s Tounseyya Digordeya ?

Tounseyya Digordeya is a Tunisian girl who simply loves life, travelling the world and leaving a personal touch wherever she goes.

If you’re young (spirit youth is meant here, age is nothing more than a number), wild and free, than you can easily see yourself through Tounseyya Digordeyya eyes!

She’s a 24 years old tunisian girl. She’s doing dentistry and used always to be one of the bests.

Though, something “bad” happened to her; she failed a year and felt the world collapsing. She was about to go at the university prum’s trip, 7 days to Barcelona. One of her friends suggested her to stay more and try to enjoy Europe on a proper way. Tounseyya Digordeyya found the idea nice, and these 7 days to Barça turned to 39 days through Barcelone, Granada, Madrid, Toulouse, Paris, Amsterdam passing by Bruxelles. It was a daydream which made her discover her infinite love to getting lost in cities she doesn’t know.

Tounseyya Digordeya means everything you should know about this girl; Tounseyya likeTunisian, Digordeya like resourceful. Nothing or almost nothing can stop her to fully enjoy her adventures and succeed her challenges. Low-budget, hitchhiking, couchsurfing are her best friends.

Tounseyya Digordeya has traveled 5 times this year so far. And she has again a free happy month before taking last finals for this year. Obviously, she thought about traveling, traveling abroad.

But why does it have to be abroad? why not traveling closer and enjoying a very nice country by the same way? why not her own country, Tunisia?
That’s how came the idea of this new project “The happy Tunisian Month”, the same idea that is behind this blog.
Wanna know more? Just follow her…

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