Hello Snow

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The image of Tunisia is very rarely associated with that of the snow. Yet it snows almost every year in some areas of Tunisia (especially in the northwest). The recent days have known an unusual amount of snow falling even in the heart of the Tunisian desert in the South. These photos were taken in February 2012 in Thala (Kasserine …


Hello El Feija

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Hello El Feija El Feija national park is located in north-western Tunisia, west of Jendouba and only a few kilometers away from the Algerian border. The park covers an area of 2.632 Ha and reaches a peak of 1150 m. It was created in 1990 in order to preserve the mountains’ ecosystem that is characteristic of Khoumire. El Feija park …


Les dunes électroniques

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Ong Jmal, an authentic pilgrimage site for science fiction enthusiasts, held recently a Traditional and Electronic Music Festival right in the Star Wars movie set. We were there, and we share our happiness with you ! More about “Les Dunes Electroniques”, please follow this link


Hello El Mouled

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Dand le cadre du projet “In Love With Sfax” organisé par les associations Aiesec Sfax et Sfax El Mezyena, des étudiants étrangers venus du Brésil, Pologne, Bahrein, Chine et Allemagne, ont vécu l’expérience tunisienne de préparation d’El Assida, préparée en Tunisie pour fêter la naissance du Prophète Mahomet (Hello El Mouled). Hello TUNISIA a eu le plaisir de les accompagner …


Tunisia is beautiful (Hello TUNISIA promo video Feb 2014)

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Tunisia is beautiful, we just help you see it ! Hello TUNISIA – February 2014 Music composed for the Hello TUNISIA project by: Saïf Kechrid (NR records) “Hello TUNISIA” offers original photos and videos, a way to discover or re discover Tunisia. Tunisia is the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. Rich by a history of thousands of years, Tunisia is …



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A Berber village, located 5km west of Enfidha (governorate of Sousse), built on a fossilized rock covered with cactus from the Tertiary era (Miocene -22 millions of years), at an altitude of 200 meters. Takrouna overlooks the Gulf of Hammamet, Hergla, Sousse, jbel Zaghouan and Kairouan. This strategic location made it the field of several battles during the Second World …


Hello TUNISIA – Twenty Thousand Fans !

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On february the 3rd, 2013, less than 2 years after the official launch of Hello TUNISIA’s facebook page, we are proud to announce that we are now more than TWENTY THOUSAND ! Thank you all for your support, your kind messages and for sharing our work all over the world ! Tunisia is beautiful, and with your help, we are …

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Hello TUNISIA- Témoignage Anne-Sophie & Loïc

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Anne-Sophie et Loïc sont deux français qui font le tour de la méditerranée en vélo. Nous les avons rencontrés lors de leur passage en Tunisie, à Sfax le 18 Janvier 2013. Ils nous livrent ici leur témoignage de leur aventure en Tunisie où ils ont campé en pleine nature et on traversé plusieurs villes. Merci à Anne-Sophie et Loïc et …


“Hello TUNISIA” around the world

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We thought about making a video that shows people around the world expressing their feelings for Tunisia. So we asked our friends everywhere to film themselves. Thanks to all the great fans who sent us videos ! Music : Genki Sudo「WORLD ORDER」”2012″ Hello TUNISIA – June 2012